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May 27, 2012

Looking to the Trees

Tree Silhouettes
Tree Silhouettes (Photo credit: John-Morgan)

Trees are a wonder of creation. Some are big and tall others are small and short. There are no two trees exactly alike. Even two oak trees will never be the same.
People are similiar. Two people may be in the same family, but that does not mean that they will react the same or see things the same way. Everyone has their own unique strengths and talents. One talent is not better than another. Just like one type of tree is not better than the others. Some are just more usefully in some locations while other trees really does not belong. For example an oak tree has no business on a sandy beach. However, a palm tree does excellent on the beach. Both types of trees are great. However, they have thier stenghths and weaknesses just like people.
The trees that survive the longest are the ones that bend and sway with the breeze. They know when to gently bend and when to stand tall. The same is true with people. People that are ridgid on everything are usually the ones that die young with high blood pressure or other stress related problems. Those that learn when to just go with the flow and when to stand tall and not back down often times live longer happier lives.
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