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February 11, 2012

Ungratefulness in America

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Three years ago, I came face to face with how ungrateful many people really are including me. Even now when I think about it, tears come to my eyes. I came to know a fourteen-year-old boy. His dad is in jail. The boy lives with his mother in Mexico. The boy is given a choice every weekday. He can go to school or he can go to work. The boy, who I am going to call Sam, knows that if he goes to school his mother will only be able to eat one bowl of beans that day. He knows that if he goes to work, they will both be able to eat two bowls of beans that day. Therefore, Sam goes to work with his Uncle. Sam’s Uncle is my brother-n-law. My brother-n-law asked my husband for some help because he cannot find any work. My brother-n-law is a bricklayer by trade. Because of the help that we gave, they have both been able to find work in a restaurant.

This got me to thinking. Here in America most of the people do not have to choice between getting a high school education and eating. Here in America we complain about many things that are not important. Most teenagers want the newest in electronics or clothing. Sam is excited over a new toothbrush, a pillow, and a new blanket. The blanket is only plain green and twin size. He is not concerned about name brand shoes or name brand blue jeans. We complain because the light bill is higher that normal. They do not have electricity because they cannot afford it. That means that not only does Sam and his mother work from daylight to dark 6 to 7 days a week, they also cook their food on a wood stove and wash their clothes on a scrub board or by hand. Why are we complaining? We access to a microwave, a stove, washer and dryer, a computer, and a couple of televisions. God help us all to be more thankful.
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