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June 12, 2012

Who is Raising the Children?

English: The Learning Experience® (TLE), child...
English: The Learning Experience® (TLE), child development centers throughout the United States: Our secure centers offer premier child care to children ages six weeks to five years: infants - toddlers - twaddlers - preppers - preschoolers - pre K - kindergarten and after school care for children up to eight years of age at most of our centers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Times are changing so rapidly. It was not that long ago that people could safely sleep with the windows open. Now many people have bars on their windows for protection. At one time almost everyone knew his or her neighbors. Now it is as if most people have bars on their hearts too. I can’t help but wonder what has happened.

One thought as to what has happened is there has been a change in how children are brought up. In the past mothers raised their children. Now children are placed in daycare at very young ages often times as young as 6 weeks of age. I know that some women must work in order to put food on the table. However, it is possible that many women could stay home and do their God given job instead of neglecting their responsibility of training/ teaching their children. When a child is put into day care, no one ever really takes responsibility for teaching the child proper behavior or moral character. Yes, the child learns his or her ABC’s and other educational stuff, but there is no permanent role model. The mother may only see her child at night and on weekends. The day care has the child for about 50 hours every week. Then many times a baby sitter is hired so that the mother may go out on the weekend. So who is truly taking responsibility for raising the child? The child is watched, but not taught or really seen about.

This may be why there has been an increase in crimes such as stealing, killing, and rape. No one is there to teach the children love or moral character. Therefore, we are no longer able to safely sleep with the windows open.

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