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March 3, 2012

Violence in schools

It is sad that we are seeing more and more violence in the schools. School should be the safest place for a child. Unfortunately in today's world it could possibly be the most dangerous place. Parents send their children to school expecting them to learn reading, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, and P.E. Instead they are learning how to hide from bullies or run from bullets. 
I  have talked with some teachers. They all agree that teachers should receive hazard pay. Teachers are there to teach. However, more and more they are having to breakup fights. They never know when a student is going to pull a knife or a gun out of their backpack. 
I am not one that normally likes to place blame. However, let's consider who is to blame for the shape of education in America. A teacher's job is to teach the academic subjects. The parents job is to raise the child. Some how children are growing up with the belief that fighting solves problems. 
I personally have seen kindergartners behave cruelly to each other. In one kindergarten class that I visited, one child hit another child in the nose with a small building block. Another child lost her shoe as she was walking. One of her classmates run over, got the shoe, threw it onto the roof of the school building. I visited this classroom in August. It was only the second week of school. I am asking you to decided who should have done a better job of teaching the children, the teacher or the parent? 
Below is an article telling about another school shooting victim.

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