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March 26, 2012

Church Bloopers

This little church sits about halfway up Cedar...
This little church sits about halfway up Cedar Valley near Winona, MN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Grandpa told stories about bloopers that happened inside the church. Here are a couple of them. 1. Announcement Blooper: The pastor was telling what was going on in the coming up week. He said, “A fun outing will be a taffy party. There will be a peter pulling at Brother Candy Smith’s house on Tuesday night.” A man in the back of the church stands up and says, “I don’t know about you, but I will be there.” This man’s nickname is Buck. The pastor was supposed to say, “There will be a candy pulling at Brother Peter Smith’s house on Tuesday night. 2. Revival Blooper: One night in a revival the power of God was falling. Many people were being to stand up. Now this was a new church in the 1960’s. The pews were made of small long slats. All over the church people were standing. On a certain pew a large lady, who was very well dressed and very well to do, was still sitting. Many people were sitting on this pew with her. Suddenly everyone but her stands up. The slats close. The Lady goes to yelling and waving her arms. The other people around her starts yelling, “Come on Sister, you are getting it.”

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