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February 17, 2012

Back to School

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The Summer of 1967 is coming to a close and it is almost time for school. I, Karen, will be in the 1st grade. My brother, Paul, will be in the 5th grade. We attend a church school.

The Pastor is also the head of the school. He calls a meeting to discuss the new school year. Everyone that wanted to send their children to the church school is required to attend.

At the meeting, the pastor explained the school rules. He announced who the teachers were going to be. Lastly, he announced when school would begin for that year. School would start in about 2 weeks.

Most of the parents then spoke up and said, “Let school start sooner. I want to get my children back to school and out of the house.”

Well, guess what? My daddy, Marcus, stood up and walked to the front of everyone. He said, “I have something to say.” Marcus was the assistant pastor.

He proceeded to say, “If I felt the way you all have seem to, I would go home and get my gun. Then I would stand my 2 children outside against a wall and shot them.”

The people did not know what to say.

After hearing this, I hoped that daddy liked us and wanted us around.

To the day that my daddy died, every time he heard someone say, “I will be glad when the children go back to school or move out.” He would reply, “If I felt that way, I would stand them outside and shot them.

Marcus never shot any of his children. Therefore, he must have loved having them around.

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