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March 19, 2012

Delivered from Cocaine

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I recently heard the story of a man that I believe is a wonderful testimony to the grace and love of God. The man has now gone to be with the Lord. Therefore, I am going to tell his story for him.

Marvin was a man of 6’4”. He was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. His wife, Annabel, was a Christian. She went to Pastor Roy’s Church. Pastor Roy suggested that she leave her husband because he was abusive to her and the children. She said, “God is going to change him.” Pastor Roy said, “Yeah to the grave. This man is down to 90 pounds. He is nothing but skin and bones.” Annabel just kept praying.

One night not long after this conversation, Marvin came to church. He was high on cocaine. However, the power of God still got to him. He went straight to the alter and fell down. He did not get up until he had been filled with the Holy Ghost. He stayed at the church for 3 days and 3 nights. He prayed and was prayed for during his withdrawals from cocaine and alcohol. Pastor Roy and Annabel stayed with him. They held him and offer support. They also brought him food and water.

After he went home, he was a changed man. He stopped being abusive to his wife and daughters. He started holding down a good job. However, there were still times that he felt cravings for cocaine and or alcohol. Every time this happened, he went and lived at the church until it passed. Pastor Roy and Annabel always went with him to support him. Over time, the cravings got less and less, but the cravings never fully went away. However, with the help and grace of God, Marvin never gave in to the cravings. About 30 years after his 1st trip to the alter, the Lord called him home. Annabel stayed by his side the whole time.
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