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The YMCA is suppose to be a wonderfull place for the whole family. I have always heard that everyone is welcome there reguardless of economic status.  It has been cold here lately. My son loves to play in the water. I discovered that they have a heated pool at the "Y". So I investigated to find out how much and the hours of operation. I discovered that I could not afford to take my son swimming at the "Y". Maybe I am missing something. But look at these prices for yourself. Who can afford the "Y"? So much for the "Y" being for everyone.

(the following is taken from the YMCA website)

Membership Dues

Membership Type Joining Fee Monthly Dues
Adult $40 $48
Household $50 $76
Student $10 $40
Senior $30 $40
Senior Household $30 $64
Youth $20 $32
Corp. Adult $10* $45
Corp. Household $10* $71
State Adult $10 $40
State Household $10 $64

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