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March 20, 2012

New abortion Law

fetus sonogram
fetus sonogram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have recently read several articles telling about a new law that several states have passed. According to what I have read, many people dislike the new law that mandates a woman to have a sonogram before she can have an abortion. I have a few questions/ statements for those women.

Could it be that those women want to be judge, jury, and executioner of their baby, but lack the guts to look at the child before sentencing it to death. The only thing that the child has done was be conceived, and it did not have a choice in that. Could it be that looking at the child will confine what her heart is screaming? The unborn embryo is really a baby.  Is it possible that she is trying to tell herself that the child is only an embryo? Because of the opposition to looking at the child before it is killed, I must be right. The women want to kill their child, but lack the guts to look their child in the face before going there with it.

In addition, some women say that it is rape to force them to have a virginal sonogram. If it is rape for something to go into the woman's vagina then she needs to go and call the law. She has been raped by the one who got her pregnant. If they have not really been raped, then I would suggest that these women shut up, keep their legs closed, and their clothes on.

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