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February 18, 2012

Brand Name or Just Comfortable

Shoes (Photo credit: MiriamBJDolls)

Children are not born wanting name brand clothing, shoes, toys, or other items. They are taught that by the actions of those around them and by what they hear on television. Children are born wanting clothing, blankets, shoes, and socks that are soft and comfortable. They do not have any concept of name brands or prices.

My son, who is 20 months old, recently reminded me of this. We live in the south. One day it is cool and the next day it is hot. Therefore, he needed a new pair of sandals and a new coat. My husband and I took him to Burlington Coat Factory.  First, we went to the shoes. I found a pair of brown sandals that was about $25. He did not like them. He wanted his old sandals that are worn out. Those sandals came from Wal-mart. They only cost about $5. We then looked at the coats. None of the coats met with his approval. Therefore, we went across the street to Payless Shoes. There we found a nice pair of sandals that lights up when he walked. Those shoes were about $30. He did not like them because they were not soft like his old shoes. Finally, we decided to go and see if Wal-mart had a pair of sandals just like his old ones, but a size bigger. Unfortunately, Wal-mart did not. Since my son had fallen asleep, my husband found a good pair of sandals for $10 that was similar to the old pair. My husband also found a coat very similar to the old one. It is a different color, but it the same style.  Brando, my son is happy with his new shoes and coat. We are happy because now we know Brando is happy with shoes and clothes that are comfortable yet stylish.

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